Mark Schwartz and his longtime fishing buddy (and fellow disabled angler) Duggie Wessels took on the might of the Lakenvlei farm gate security system. Hilarity ensued.   Monday – I call Duggie. “Dude we need to get to Lakies.” He agrees. A call to Cape Piscatorial Society seals the deal. On Friday we are off [...]


A story of two smallmouths and water under the bridge by LeRoy Botha in issue 19 of The Mission "14 November 2012. It’s incredibly hot and the wind is shunting. I’ve come prepared for a day or three’s fishing: food, tent, beer, gear. The Upper Gouritz River at this point is a wide, powerful river, [...]


SMALLMOUTH, largemouth, Natal Scalies, Lowveld, Clannies… South Africa’s yellowfish species are loved and lauded, but some cousins fly under the radar like the endangered Witvis. Leonard Flemming recounts what it took to catch his first one and how he’s been consistently targeting them since then. "Once upon a time, long ago, before I had caught [...]


Hair-raising descents and lung-busting ascents through impenetrable montane forests, elephants to share the trails with and rivers boasting chunky rainbows and browns. For Kieran Avery this is all part and parcel of a mission fly fishing in Kenya’s Highlands. "It was the end of an intense and satisfying day of fishing on one of our [...]


"Nestled in Eastern Central African Republic (CAR) in a war-torn region plagued by instability and deadly ethnic violence, lies a wildlife refuge called Chinko. Despite decades of civil war, intense poaching, illegal grazing and heavily armed herdsmen, remnant populations of key wildlife species have persisted, and vast swaths of wooded savanna and rainforest have remained [...]