Our issue 16 Troubled Waters. Whether it’s trout, carp or saltwater species you are in to, one of the Western Cape’s great rivers is struggling like never before. The Waters We love the Berg. It’s one of our closest rivers and it has a storied history in the annals of Western Cape fly fishing. Primarily [...]


Through photographer Ryan Janssens' lens, the trout of the Elandspad river can be seen for the voracious, leaping, breaching, bug-munching, apex predators they are. Cue the cello music. More from this shoot in issue 16.    


When I first heard about the resurgence of fibreglass rods I imagined floppy, noodly fly rods like older rods that I started fly fishing with a while back. But not that far back that I ever experienced the old fibreglass rods. I was sceptical, then some of my fishing buddies bought Epic fibreglass rod kits, [...]


I remember the emotion of picking up a fly rod for the first time, pulling fly line off the reel and feeling the thickness and suppleness between my fingers. I was in awe and tried to figure how this foreign way of fishing worked as I knew nothing. After catching the first fish and feeling [...]


In this exclusive excerpt from his soon to be released book Yet More Sweet Days, Tom Sutcliffe ruminates on the pleasure of fishing solo. I guess you could argue that the true solitary fishing experience favours your chances of slipping into a deep contemplation about the true meaning of life, though for me it doesn't. [...]


It's rare for fly anglers to focus on something else at the expense of three species of tigerfish and 8lb yellowfish, but on recent exploratories to Tourette Fishing's new fishery in Cameroon, the focus was 98% on the mammoth riverine Nile perch they found. That doesn't mean the 2% "bycatch" was not of interest. In [...]