"It’s impossible to convey to somebody what the jungles of Gabon are like. I can tell you that they are endless and totally overpowering with almost no sign of human habitation, but no matter how much hyperbole I use, most people will never know what it feels like to take a boat trip down a [...]

The Cubera of Gabon

While the tides were very favorable for fishing the surf when we arrived in Cette Cama, they slowly started to turn against us as the days wore on. Our prospects of connecting with big tarpon were slowly diminishing, but head guide, Mark Murray, explained that our chances of pinning with big Cubera were actually increasing. [...]

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Gabon 2016: Day One

The Great Switcheroo Photographs by John Travis and Mark Murray By the time Mark Murray came around to wake everyone up, John and I were already awake and packing flies, tackle, etc. Everybody met in the lounge area for coffee and something to eat. A few minutes later we loaded out tackle into the boats [...]

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Gabon 2016. The Journey to Africa’s Eden

My obsession with Gabon started in 2010. I have just returned from two weeks fishing in Jardines De La Reina in Cuba. I was a newly addicted tarpon junkie. All I thought about was catching that next tarpon. Back home I started researching possible tarpon venues, preferably ones that would be cheaper than a return [...]

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And so it begins... Over the last couple weeks, many of us have opened Facebook or Instagram to soon find ourselves open mouthed and drooling over the images of the fishery in and around Tourette Fishing's Sette Cama Camp in Gabon, mainly portrayed through the incredible lens work of TF Head Guide Mark Murray... This [...]

Matching the hardware for Gabon, part 2

In my previous post on this subject, Edward Truter gave some valuable advice and tips for Gabon, having spent a lot of time there. The first pattern he recommends is a Dahlberg diver: 1. Dahlberg Diver – long, heavy zonker strip tail and beefed-up diving head 4/0s to 8/0s. Fished on a sink-tip or up [...]

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