“When the creative drive disappeared, it was clear I needed a break.” 34-year-old LeRoy Botha is a product of reinvention. After a decade as one of the Garden Route’s most well-known gigging musicians, the oke was tired. Creatively and artistically. No longer… And it is a beautiful thing. “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have [...]

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Intellectual capital - only those who know are allowed to go... “Nobody owns the ocean. But you own the intellectual capital you have earned with your blood and sweat over the years” - David Mangum, from the film, ‘120 Days.’ Now Mangum is one badass mofo. He is the Florida tarpon guide by which all [...]

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The Dreamtime – the prelude, pandemonium and pause of fly-fishing for kob

Metaphysical aside, those dark hours between 3am and sunrise are my Dreamtime. Pretty freakin’ fortunate then that our much-treasured dusky kob (Argyrosomus japonicus) share similar early morning habits. At least when they enter our estuaries to party.

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G Route Diaries – Part 8 – Breaking Even

So, I didn't make it back to Cape Town today. The fishing is totally to blame! After yesterday's purple patch with the spinning stick, I had had to get back on it. There were bigger fish to be caught. So Dad and I dusted of "The Guppie Tub", a tiny little Boston Whaler Bass Boat, [...]

G Route Diaries – Part 7 – Success, some Seal Business and a Cast Too Far

Success is a cool concept. No matter where you find it, success brings a smile and happiness. Tim sent me these photos of Dave - the junior fly tier from my Part 4 Post - fighting and landing a tasty Rainbow that he caught on one of the creations he came up with while behind my vice. [...]

GRoute Diaries – Part 6 – Spots

After yesterday's frustration with murky water, today I headed towards the Heads and fished the flats around the "Grass Atoll" - small mud bank whose sedge grass resembles the shape of a tropical atoll. It's a spot where we've got grunter before and also Steenies on prawns. I've been wanting to fish a pushing spring [...]

G Route Diaries – Part 5 – A Bend At Last

With my foot on mend, I eventually made way onto the flats and channels of the sprawling Knysna Lagoon. It really is daunting web of channels, sand banks and mud flats that leave anybody who hasn't it before feeling a little overwhelmed and lost! I really like having a boat on water as it allows [...]

G Route Diaries – Part 4 – Frustrations and the Future

Part of the fun of being in Knysna at this time of year is the annual Knysna Oyster Festival and the fun and games that come with this event. I had entered to run a few of the trail runs and although they may well have got in the way of a bit of fishing, [...]

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G Route Diaries – Part 3 – An Image

Today there was too much wind to enjoy a day on the lagoon so I went exploring on a hunch. Somewhere in the forest I found this: Click Image for Hi-Res It was a late start and it took me a lot longer to get to the stream, so consequently and unfortunately I [...]

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G Route Diaries – Part 2 – Options

I love coming home for any amount of time. Not only are there a ton of surf  spots that crank! There is more fishing than one knows what to do with! With two weeks to kill and a trail run as the only fixed commitment a little planning is not a bad idea. So I [...]