From The Mission Issue 32: Wands. A few months back Tim Rajeff sent us a quiver of Echo Fly Fishing rods to review. From the Prime to the Boost Salt and the Streamer-X, our team of intrepid testers put them through their paces. Here’s what they found.  ECHO BOOST SALT, 8-WEIGHT Tester – Conrad Botes [...]


So I've been dreaming about a yellowfish fly fishing mission to the tropical parts of Africa for some time now, where - as Ed Truter recommended - one may need a short, '6 ft fly rod' to cast under a canopy of low-hanging trees. The higher reaches of African rivers can be very bushed in [...]


I've been playing with a new rod and reel combo, a Moonshine Epiphany 10'6" 3 wt (to get yours in RSA, contact Stream and Sea) and a pewter-coloured Predator 4/5 reel (tiny for its size, perfectly suitable for a 3 wt outfit) and it just feels so good. The rod is long and strong, so [...]


The Feathers & Fluoro crew have been hard at work testing out a selection of new gear, tackle and other clobber. More in-depth reviews will run in up-coming issues of The Mission, but for now here are a few first impressions.   ECHO - PRIME 8-weight (seen in action above with a Garden Route grunter) [...]


Based in Namibia, but just as likely to be found in the jungles of Bolivia, running down roosters in Mexico or stalking the Seychelles atolls, Christiaan Pretorius travels a lot and, as such, has his trip preparation down to a fine art. Here’s what he packs for the plentiful permit flats of Poivre.   "Fly [...]


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