Destinations and exploration create fly fishing possibilities.  Possibilities in turn result in lots of gear, preparation, packing and repacking to cover these eventualities within the constraints of space and weight.  But having to check in multiple bags, lots of luggage or tying rod tubes together somewhat detracted from the overall experience. I wanted to share [...]

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40 kgs to fit everything needed for a 5 week tropical holiday... Indonesia and Fiji. 8 islands. Lots of fishing. Lots of surfing. Lots of time in the sun... Packing becomes a head scratch, a logistical artwork and endless compromise! Getting ready for our Indo come Fiji trip has been super exciting. Figuring out potential [...]

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I’ve read a lot of promotional posts punting Patagonia’s new, ‘not yet released’ River Salt boots that were showcased at ICAST 2018 in the United States. The boots are meant to hit the shelves of retail stores early in 2019 (rumour has it that February’s the month to look forward to). However, in my internet [...]

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Magic Days – Can fishing be the cure for heartache?

I decided to drag out this piece I wrote about 8/9 years ago... thought'd I'd repost it here.. was originally published in the fantastic Fishing & Hunting Journal... "MAGIC DAYS: Can fishing be the cure for heartache? What do non-fisherman think about? This is a question I have found myself considering on numerous occasions in [...]

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Wade Caranx (first impressions) Review

With the impending Blue Fin season in the Med fast approaching, Fabien ordered himself the new Wade reel in size CARANX. Seeing as I played middleman in terms of shipping, Fab was happy for me do some dissection of the reel that has everyone talking. First impressions are good. The Type 3 anodising gives a [...]

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A Guide To Tigerfishing

This article was published in the current issue of Fishing Wild Magazine. This magazine can be ordered by visiting: A Guide To Tigerfishing The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth on fishing for tigerfish in Africa today. (Text and Photos by Leonard Flemming) Instead of the standard b.s. lyrics about how “big, [...]


Rex Fey has been at it again. He recently acquired for himself a TenkaraUSA rod. He took it out on 'A Stream Called Nowhere' recently was very happy with results. He didn't find any of the big fish that Ryan and I got into last summer but a few of a pound tested him well [...]

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8 wt shootout

This link was sent to me by Edward Truter, a man that is now a G Loomis NRX convert. The article is worth looking at if you are serious about your fly fishing kit:

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