Humpday unwind: Alaska Grand Slam and the Grayling Waltz

I especially liked the sheefish in the first movie; thanks The Fly Fishing Nation for putting us onto this link on Facebook.

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Humpday Unwind

Todd Moen and Catch Magazine have unveiled a new video (but “from the vault”) that features the chase for big fish in big water in Argentina at Strobel Lake. I got close but never made it to this legendary water... Will have to go back! Clear water and big fish... What else do you want? [...]

The Humpday Unwind: Freckles

This week's Humpday Unwind comes in from Ray Montoya. Nothing like a little DIY Permit hunting on the Arabian Perninsula! Ray's the man when it comes to DIY fly fishing so let him take you on some midweek daydreaming!