*** EDIT  - Since writing the below, I took my own advice and spent even MORE time on tying a pair of BEASTS, attempting to build a matching pair of BEAST Mullets... I kinda almost sorta maybe think I'm nearly there and may attempt an SBS of sorts in the near future.. added some pics [...]


Ah the garrick, aka ‘leerie’. It’s like the starter game fish that gets so many hooked on the light-tackle and fly game. And then, even as other species take preference, somehow keeps giving almost as a default back-up of sorts, year on year, season on season. Or not... Alarming recent reports of kills in the [...]

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When the olive grunter sang

On a balmy summers day Two sons went out to play With fly tackle and a leaking raft They headed to sea to catch a ray. In search of fish with feather craft They dropped anchor in False Bay Where they moved their hinds fore and aft Taking turns to inflate abaft. While sitting in [...]

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Follow Feathers

Some fish trigger an OCD (obsessive catch disorder) in me. Right now I am after a skipjack. I need to catch one on fly… Skipjack/ladyfish/springer (whatever you fancy calling them) do enter Western Cape estuaries and fly anglers have the opportunity to catch really big fish in fairly accessible places, such as the Knysna Lagoon. [...]

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Twinkle, two slams and the legend of the turd burger

Saltwater fly-fishing in the western cape can be a very unforgiving affair. Blank days are very common; in fact, it’s part of the parcel. But we all have those days when the river lifts her skirt and everything seems to fall into place. A while ago my buddies and I experienced this bounty. But nothing [...]

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GT Ice Cream

The history of the 'GT Ice Cream' surface lure By Barry Wareham from BasilManning lures The first GT Ice Creams were made on a lathe I inherited from my grandfather.  I had experimented with many different shapes and sizes, but it was the cone chisel-nose that proved to be very successful. Manufacturing the plugs out of wood [...]

Rising of De Mond (January 2015)

Landscape photograph of a promising looking De Mond river channel below the hanging bridge De Mond is a tiny lagoon that can produce exceptional catches. The most memorable ones are those from the past, such as the 30-odd-kg kob taken in the river just below the hanging bridge. It has always been a [...]

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From the archives – Ms Lichia Amia

The Leerfish of Zandvlei are the notorious South African fish of a 1000 casts. And even at that I know many that have gone years without so much as a follow. We fished Zandveli hard for a few years and it took us a good year to get on the right track. Cast after cast [...]

Winter season 2014

While scrolling through my most recent photo folders I realised that the winter of 2014 was a tough fishing season. Besides a few fat striped mullet, some sand sharks, stillwater trout and the odd winter carp, there weren't personal catches to rave about. All the spectacular fishing action happened on companion's rod & lines. This past weekend was one [...]

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Garrick Thoughts #2 – Take Your Fly For A Walk

Once upon a time I was once told that the only way to catch Garrick on fly was to strip as fast as possible with a Flipper. I can’t argue that this is not an effective method of catching Garrick. It works and has worked for me many times in the past. However, experience has [...]

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