The drive down to the Inland Sea is best taken at first light. There’s an incredible beauty to be found in the wastes of sand and salt flat that, no matter how you twist them, words and photos can never quite frame. And after the dog days and nights of the Arabian summer, despite the [...]

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The following article was posted on the Red Bull website: I bent down to pick up one of three water bottles that lay scattered across the mud bank, but my hand froze when I spotted the fresh bear tracks next to it. A raging thirst had made me hike back to where the boat had dropped us [...]

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Mission Oman 2 – The neon army

Getting soaking wet and full of sand first thing in the morning from my navy seal style entry into the backline was now routine.  After the shore break deposited me on the reef I ran up the rocks and took off everything, bar my chafe shorts.  I even brought an extra bottle of water to [...]

Mission Oman 2 – The parrots of Satan’s forest (1of 2)

*the next few posts will be out of order,  and we be reorganised on conclusion of the series. If satan ran the oceans and not Poseidon, and if he particularly disliked fly fisherman, then I imagine he would have designed the reef in front of me. A double layered coral shelf, razor sharp with holes [...]


Carrying on from Part 1, which can be read here, , The heathen conventional angling adventure continues....  We finally arrived at No Boundaries Lodges in Shwaymiyah, and met up with Kil, Lars and Tsurusaki-San, and soon enough we all decended on our tackle bags and proceeded to start rigging… you would have sworn the contents [...]