This is a step-by-step of the Tarantula Prawn fly that I, based on Neil Rowe's experience with tan EP fibre prawn imitations, used very successfully to fool spotted grunter and steenbras (see: Prawns in Tandem) in a Western Cape estuary. The articulated fly is a simple tie; it is made from a tan Enrico Puglisi [...]

The beach sessions

Conrad Botes and I headed out for a beach session this last Thursday evening.  It was challenging to say the least.  Not so much the fishing as the logistics.  We first got stuck nicely in the sand.  After sacrificing a pair of Havianas and the two of us doing our best Border Collie impressions in [...]

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Steenbras Surprise

The Zandvlei disaster was tragic.  But there is something else remarkable that I noticed.  The two most common casualties were Mullet and Steenbras.  Sure there were Garrick here and there, a few Cob, some Shad and a few Carp.  I had no idea there were so many Steenbras in the system.  There is a video [...]

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