New Zealand has many ‘freshwater’ indigenous fishes (many of NZ’s local species found in the rivers and lakes move freely between fresh and saltwater) and especially Galaxias species. We (South African’s) also have a diversity of Galaxias species (‘Cape galaxias’ or Galaxias zebratus is the type strain and most well known one) and since I [...]

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A short film by Andrew Harding about trout fishing in a shallow North Island lake. In his words: "Nestled on a high plateau in the central North Island of New Zealand, this small, shallow lake offers up so many moods in an amazingly barren, but beautiful surround under the shadow of an active volcano. The fish [...]

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King of the flats

Fly anglers have been targeting Cape yellowtail (yellowtail kingfish in NZ) off the Western Cape coastline for many years, but few of these fish have been reported caught on foot. It is one of Jimmy Eagleton's dreams to get one of these fishes from shore on a fly rod and although he's come close it is [...]

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Jack Kos is Neck Deep in the Gin Clear

Jack Kos is one of the talented Kiwi fly fisherman I met while travelling through the South Island several years ago. On the day that our footsteps crossed, we had both planned to hike up a specific gorge section of a river neither of us had fished before in the Canterbury area. The light was poor in [...]

A memorable trip to New Zealand

Article by Russell de la Harpe Sitting in an airport terminal next to a pile of fly rods is always an exciting and almost nerve wracking experience. All sorts of thoughts run through one’s head – will I be fishing the right areas? Will the weather play ball? Have I got the right flies? And [...]


This article was recently published in the Fishing Wild Magazine http://www.fishingwild.com.au/   Title: Waders are for Sissies Subtitle: Extracts from a New Zealand fishing diary Text and photos by Leonard Flemming 19 November A customs declaration form was handed to me. The Asian air hostess slinked away, her tight figure snaking under her second-skin batik [...]

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