IMAGES BY DOUGAL PATERSON About 5 years ago, Warwick and I spent pretty much every Wednesday night around his fire pit in his backyard. Our mutual love for kakpraat, overly large fires, beer and other mood enhancers saw us spending many nights into the wee hours of the morning solving the worlds problems, while our [...]


Photography is a regular topic in my fly fishing circles. It seems like the majority of the fly fisherman that I know personally (and the rest of the world for that matter) enjoy a rather stereotypical view of fly fishing photography - that cheesy, easy peasy half in and half out shot of an angler [...]

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“Every moral has a story. Every story has an end. Every battle has its glory and its consequence” Ben Harper Recently there has been a lot of talk among our circle about cameras, lenses, fresh angles and fish selfies. It reminded me of a time before selfies. Let’s go back to that time before selfies, [...]

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The Trout of Wind River Canyon

Photo essay by Jim Klug ( While Wyoming's Wind River country rivers are by no means new or undiscovered, what is new is that long-time guide and outfitter Darren Calhoun has opened a lodge on the banks of the Wind River in the middle of the Canyon (a place we feel is the most exciting [...]

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Into the Great Wide Open – Part 1: Adventures to St.Brandons Atoll

“Into the Great Wide Open…Under them skies of Blue… Out in the great wide open…. A Rebel without a clue”… I wonder if Tom Petty had wandering fisherman in mind when he penned his 1991 classic… But whenever I’m off on a mission to chase fish somewhere off the regular grid, this chorus is never [...]

Who shot Biggie Smalls…

We all tend to want to fish secret, out of the way locations, with as fewer anglers as possible around... to have all the water to ourselves, to covet that solitude that makes up such an enormous part of or addiction to chasing fish... This quest for waters with as few people around as possible [...]

Midweek pic dump

Please note that we don’t own all of these photos/pictures, but we do love them and love sharing them – click on some of the pictures to see movie clips or follow links: An average Swartkops River garrick A trophy Swartkops River garrick recently caught near the mouth of the estuary. [...]

Not your Average Friday

Billy McCarthy is singing to me... The Augustines front man's soul is pouring out of my Land Rovers speakers, while the early winter countryside along the N2 east bound rolls past my window... the "Check Brake Pads" light on the dashboard  keeps flashing its orange warning at me, but I'm ignoring it... Its Thursday, I'm not [...]

Low Down Dirty Thugs – getting involved with gang life

As some of you may be aware, some of the folks here at F&F are kinda fond of the "low life" side of things...In other words we like to chase dirty fish on feathers...Yup, we talking about Carp...In particular, urban carp...We're not talking about the Golf Course pond variety, or the ones living in quiet [...]

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‘Peter Brigg’ profile, a South African fly fishing artist

Peter Brigg is certainly one of the most influential fly anglers in South Africa. He has become a popular fishing companion for many who visit the KwaZulu Natal province to fish the famous Drakensberg rivers. I have also spent a day fishing with Peter Brigg on the upper Bushmans River in the Giant's Castle Nature Reserve and can vouch [...]