Words and photos by Gerald Penkler Scotland or Spain? Pike or Spanish barbel? Rain or sun? Cold or hot?  Midges or no midges?   Why anyone would choose a road trip through Scotland over Spain is beyond me, and yet this is exactly the choice we made.  I hope to convince you to do the same… [...]

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SBS – The Mighty Ugandan

A recent trip to Providence Atoll in the far outer reaches of the Seychelles, saw myself and Warwick tying up an absolute storm in the 8 months leading up to the trip.. regular "Whippet Wednesdays" sessions in Warwick's Garage, which has been converted into a flytying, beer and whiskey drinking haven, saw us furiously tying [...]

Turning Points North

I've always been fascinated by pike and would love to catch the various members of the family Esocidae; looking forward to this high quality movie about the pike in northern America; many thanks for this RA Beattie.

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Yukon Pike

Photos by Jim Klug Contributor profile The name Jim Klug spells “fly fishing” and not only in the States, but on a global scale.  Jim, accompanied by his golden retriever, guided clients on Montana’s network of trout rivers as a youngster and eventually started his own fly fishing guiding company called Yellow Dog Outfitters (named after [...]