...ABOUT WHERE YOU GUIDE? Simon Hunter Bunn of Hunter Fly Fishing, our High 5s guide in issue 14, lifts the skirt on the rivers he regards as his home waters. 1. Quality waters - everything else is just a bonus. Where I work in Slovenia, the crystal clear water of the Soča River is absolutely [...]


Words and photos by Gerald Penkler Scotland or Spain? Pike or Spanish barbel? Rain or sun? Cold or hot?  Midges or no midges?   Why anyone would choose a road trip through Scotland over Spain is beyond me, and yet this is exactly the choice we made.  I hope to convince you to do the same… [...]

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SBS – The Mighty Ugandan

A recent trip to Providence Atoll in the far outer reaches of the Seychelles, saw myself and Warwick tying up an absolute storm in the 8 months leading up to the trip.. regular "Whippet Wednesdays" sessions in Warwick's Garage, which has been converted into a flytying, beer and whiskey drinking haven, saw us furiously tying [...]

Turning Points North

I've always been fascinated by pike and would love to catch the various members of the family Esocidae; looking forward to this high quality movie about the pike in northern America; many thanks for this RA Beattie.

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Yukon Pike

Photos by Jim Klug Contributor profile The name Jim Klug spells “fly fishing” and not only in the States, but on a global scale.  Jim, accompanied by his golden retriever, guided clients on Montana’s network of trout rivers as a youngster and eventually started his own fly fishing guiding company called Yellow Dog Outfitters (named after [...]