Since Jimmy Eagleton's caught his first yellowtail on silicone prototypes that he tied several years ago, he's continued to fine tune the pattern (and colour combinations) and has more recently come up with a very effective molded silicone fly that he's raving about - and when Jimmy's raving about a fly then I know it [...]


Fulfilling a childhood dream to visit Fiji, Fred Davis and his girlfriend Dan Nortje fished, surfed and lost themselves in the island life.   "Shoulders slumped, I stared down the spaghetti line that, moments ago, was connected to a GT. I was done now. A little frustrated, but not nearly enough to shout and curse, [...]


Forget the crappy TV series – if you fly fish in the salt you probably owe the innovation that came out of the Jersey Shore and more specifically, Bob Popovics, a debt of gratitude. Because, along with other salty luminaries like Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser and Flip Pallot, few have had such an impact on [...]