5 favourite fly fishing destinations globally? Slovenia with Hunter Fly Fishing. Seychelles with the Alphonse Fishing Company. Lower Zambezi. Kilombero North Safaris, Ruhudji and Mnyera Rivers, Tanzania. Kamchatka, Zhupanova Float Trip. 5 indispensable flies for freshwater? Zonker muddlers. Simon Bunn’s Cinnamon Caddis. CDC Elk Wing Caddis. Cluster Fuck. Pheasant tail flashback. 5 fishing items you [...]


On a desolate stretch of beach in Sudan, Conrad Botes heard a voice and had a vision "I could have sworn I heard a voice. I looked left, in the direction I had just came from, then right down the shore in the direction I was heading. I was fishing alone, on a small island [...]


The Hardy Fortuna's use of gaskets under the stainless screws in the drag system raised two massive questions; why the hell does no one else do it?  And why the hell isn't it done elsewhere? I had a few different Loctite Gasket maker versions in the garage and the 598 Black worked beautifully.  If you've [...]