"It's still gloomy outside, but in the predawn darkness I take refuge under a streetlamp next to my car and start gearing up. I follow the usual routine; first inflate my float tube, then rig up my fly-rod and finally I get into my neoprene pants and splash jacket. While I'm busy doing my thing, [...]


I've been slack behind the lens recently. And slacker yet in getting images and words onto the blog. But here are a few shots from an outing the other day with Luke on his boat Machete. While I was quite rusty and ending up knitting - I fluffed my first few shot and even put [...]


Oh I've been dreaming of a fish, dreaming until I picked up a guide to saltwater fish of southern Africa..."Prefers depths of 10 - 300 m, recorded up to approx. 600 m...", Ugh... 'No chance on fly there', I thought and lobbed the book back onto the desk. I guess we have to accept that [...]


The world’s strongest and most sought-after fresh and saltwater fish on a bamboo fly rod? It sounds like the kind of thing your grandpa dreamed of 100 years ago, but for Nick Bowles of Ocean Active Fly it was a modern challenge based on history. Armed with Thomas & Thomas’s modern bamboo saltwater rods and [...]


Mullet are suckers for a floating sand flea imitation. This is especially true along beaches where masses of sand fleas are writhing under every frond of decaying kelp.  This was not one of those beaches. On numerous occasions when action was slow, schools of mullet had me wishing that I had a few mullet flies [...]

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