Drove 8 hours today to Upington and tomorrow morning I set off to base camp on my first ever multi-day drift trip with the guys from Mavunganga.  I missed two drifts with Ewan in similar territory, and I'm constantly reminded by his whatsapp profile pics featuring oversized yellowfish and incredible scenery. He assures me that [...]


If you enjoy wetting a line in the estuaries that abound along South Africa's east coast, then you have undoubtedly spent some time trying get your paws on a spotted grunter. And when success alludes you, as it does us all at some point, I'm sure you have wondered, where do the grunter go? So [...]

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*** EDIT  - Since writing the below, I took my own advice and spent even MORE time on tying a pair of BEASTS, attempting to build a matching pair of BEAST Mullets... I kinda almost sorta maybe think I'm nearly there and may attempt an SBS of sorts in the near future.. added some pics [...]

F3T comes to SA Shores

FLY FISHING FILM TOUR SOUTH AFRICA: F3T SOUTH AFRICA 2016 Dates Thursday, 9 June 2016 Ster-Kinekor The Zone @ Rosebank, Johannesburg Wednesday, 15 June 2016 Labia Theatre Cape Town Monday, 20 June 2016 Ster-Kinekor Gateway, Durban Tickets Tickets are R300 and can be purchased via Quicket and links are below. Just click your city... Cape [...]

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Bloody Baetis

As fly fishers we are always dialed into the weather. Seasonal changes are picked up almost as second nature and  as a hatch junkie , I get a strange excitement stirring inside , when almost subconsciously  I become aware that the sky starts to lose its summer haze. There's dew in the morning  , a [...]

Yellow Submarine

I dunno about those Beatles and their whole "We all live in a Yellow Submarine" bullshit... Who the fuck wants to live on a submarine anyway.... ? God damn hippies... Just before Christmas I took a suicidal day off during the busiest time of the year, pissing off my business partners no doubt, to head [...]

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Dragons in the Northern Cape – day 1

We woke up itching to hit the water, but it would be a false start.  The departing crowd hadn't filled the water tanks, and the quickly retreating waterline had left the pump high and dry. Damian in some VD Kloof stockings after wrestling the pump. My OCD requires two showers daily, and after [...]

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Dragons in the Northern Cape – the arrival

The trip had began in ernest a few weeks before our departure to Bloemfontein.   Ewan had confirmed our booking at VD Kloof dam where we would hunt DIY style for Largemouth Yellowfish, our very own African Mahseer.   The dire situation of the Lesotho rivers Ewan was meant to fish could mean a possible extension [...]