Back in 2008 I had the opportunity to do a recce float trip down the Rio Olifantes - the Olifants River in Mozambique. This is a dig through those archives: “Bull…” Johan Klopper breathed the word more than mouthed it, as he ground the Landy to a hasty halt. About 100 metres up ahead, a [...]


(Part one of a catfish fly fishing mission with Ofishally Babich) All photos by Terence Babich Wildebeest, oryx, hartebeest, springbuck and ostriches criss-crossing the dirt track aroused much interest, disrupting our normal discussion about fishing while driving to the river. From a distance the water looked like Yum Yum peanut butter (or as a recent [...]

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Consider the humble bonito. Prolific-breeding, fast-growing. Beautiful. So iridescently easy-on-the-eyes in fact, that the Spanish and Portuguese ‘bonito’ translates to 'pretty'. (Although there is some disagreement that this is the true origin of its name). Its great downfall – for those which pass for a time through my home bay, at least – is that [...]

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All about species

Art lure fishing used to be my preferred type of fishing for all fishes for many years. The Western Province competitive fishing season consisted of tournament leagues scheduled monthly at all the major state reservoirs in the Western Cape, which provided a different water to fish each month. Points were mainly allocated to the number [...]

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