The Mission issue 43 cover Cullan Ashby and Brian Chakanyuka


Milkfish hold a special place in the tropical species hall of fame. Kind of like a pseudo-legendary Pokémon. They aren't


I'm a sight fisherman way before I'm a fly fisherman. Faced with two options; blind casting a fly rod, or

Running with the ...

The back deck of a mothership is a holy place... a field of dreams, a stadium of hope, a shrine

Running with the ...

The ice cold Inverroche 7 year old rum had barely hit the back of my throat when I heard "Buffalo!"...

I owe an apology

Work life really caught up with me this year.  I started two new ventures, and with consultants in the states

Milk at home

My Milkfish nightmares started up this weekend again... and I started asking the question- can a Milkfish be caught in

Missing the Milkman

I've started to take this personally! This evening I had nine shots at Chanos chanos. Jono Shales with a magnificent Milky (photo

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