Like hyenas and lions, Peter Coetzee and triggerfish love to do battle. Having studied his frenemies up close and personal


I'm a sight fisherman way before I'm a fly fisherman. Faced with two options; blind casting a fly rod, or

Holá México Part ...

Text and photos by Gerald Penkler “Infraction! You made infraction.  You cannot turn there.”  Intimidating rifles fondled at the window. 

Running with the ...

The back deck of a mothership is a holy place... a field of dreams, a stadium of hope, a shrine

Running with the ...

The ice cold Inverroche 7 year old rum had barely hit the back of my throat when I heard "Buffalo!"...

Sudan prep –...

I couldn't seem to find the natural Scotchbrite pads that Chichone uses, but I did find kitchen cleaning ones in white.

Flats Hustle

The Tourette Fishing guides (and I know that the head guide, Mark Murray, was mostly behind the camera - nice
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Trigger Tease

Tourette has just got back from a Sudanese season. It seems that between dodging cyclones the guys managed to get

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