Over the past decade I’ve had the privilege of working with some of South Africa’s finest action- and adventure-sports athletes. Seriously bad ass cats who make a living from their respective sports. Surfers, rally drivers, climbers, BASE jumpers, FMX dudes, triathletes and trail runners. Among others. While they’re all characters in their own right and [...]

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If you enjoy wetting a line in the estuaries that abound along South Africa's east coast, then you have undoubtedly spent some time trying get your paws on a spotted grunter. And when success alludes you, as it does us all at some point, I'm sure you have wondered, where do the grunter go? So [...]

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Neil Rowe and I were discussing grunter at dinner on Alphonse Island when he mentioned that he’d (for many years) had quite good success fishing tandem prawn fly rigs in the Breede River. He described the ‘top’ fly as a standard floating prawn-type fly, such as the foam-backed prawn flipper or the deerhair prawns, with [...]

Fly head makes gas hed

Every now and then, a truly talented fly tyer comes along.  This year is my 25th year behind the vice, and although I can usually pull off a decent tie, I never developed the distinct style or flair that truly talented tiers have.  You can see a Borski fly straight away, the same with Popovics [...]

Beached Pigs and Walking Prawns

Long the dream of those who chase grunter, the fabled prawn is a phenomenon that occurs in South Africa's estuaries and lagoons. Kevin Flanagan and mates were lucky enough to hit it just right... From Kevin: Beached Pigs The modern-day fly fishing weekend warrior, can’t afford to pick a weekend with bum tides and unfavourable [...]

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A.W.O.L – A sneaky workday Grunter session

Many people – mostly those in the full-time employ of someone else – think freelancers are always on holiday. Truth is, when you work for yourself you never really have ‘leave’ in the traditional sense. No graft, no pay. Sometimes then, you just have to disappear. This is a story of one of those days. Actually [...]

Meanwhile in Tanzania – the ‘Prawn Walk’ demystified (sort of)

Everyone has heard of the great Wildebeest Migration through Tanzania’s Serengeti and up into Kenya. This spectacular phenomenon is actually more than ‘just’ a wildebeest migration as includes (in far lesser numbers) zebra, as well as Thompson's and Grant's gazelles follow the trek for better grazing and water. As spectacular as it is in sheer [...]

Harry’s high five and some gratuitous grunter porn

It’s not everyday that student becomes tutor, but last year I had the pleasure of treating my brother Harry to some grunter fishing with my buddy Mike and me. Harry was my fly fishing mentor, and whenever we go fishing together, I’m the one who raids his fly-boxes and rips him for tips and advice. [...]

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