TROUT! BEER! BEARS ! A LIKE-MINDED TRIBE! Tudor Caradoc-Davies  visits Montana and finds a home away from home. "The full title of Sacha Baron-Cohen’s 2006 Borat movie is Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. In it, Borat, the clueless and incredibly inappropriate ‘Kazakh’ that Cohen plays, blunders around the [...]


A story of two smallmouths and water under the bridge by LeRoy Botha in issue 19 of The Mission "14 November 2012. It’s incredibly hot and the wind is shunting. I’ve come prepared for a day or three’s fishing: food, tent, beer, gear. The Upper Gouritz River at this point is a wide, powerful river, [...]


Renowned sado-masochist, James Topham, in Issue 19's Undercurrents, on the best of the worst times in a guide’s life.   "While the soaking salt water spray from the bow of the skiff is the bane of my day, sometimes I find myself missing it for its harshness and for the feeling of doing something uncomfortable [...]


In the making of food products, scientists have developed the ‘bliss point,’ which is the perfect amount required of an ingredient like salt, sugar and fat to optimise a product’s deliciousness (and make you fat). The theory is that combinations of sugar, fat and salt act synergistically and are more rewarding than any one ingredient [...]


IN SOUTH AFRICA catfish are regarded, somewhat unfairly, as sluggish, bottom-feeding pains in the ass. It's the way they feed, how they move, the manner in which they lurk in the water. In other parts of the world, there are catfish species that behave more like pelagic fish. In our issue 19 Wish List Fish, [...]


SMALLMOUTH, largemouth, Natal Scalies, Lowveld, Clannies… South Africa’s yellowfish species are loved and lauded, but some cousins fly under the radar like the endangered Witvis. Leonard Flemming recounts what it took to catch his first one and how he’s been consistently targeting them since then. "Once upon a time, long ago, before I had caught [...]