Geelbek on fly, at night. In the pursuit of impossible fish Jimmy Eagleton finds both solace and success while the rest of us are sleeping. Written by Tudor Caradoc-Davies and featured in The Mission Fly Mag Issue 02. I’m 35, a relatively large, bearded, ex-rugby playing man, but I’m being pushed out towards this island [...]


Massive fish are not the be all and end all of saltwater fly fishing. Sometimes, awkward beauty triumphs. With wings, lips, spots and attitude, gurnard have a growing legion of fans. As featured in The Mission Issue 05. WHAT: Like a Gremlin crossed with a butterfly, Cape gurnard (Chelidonichthys capensis) and/or bluefin gurnard (Chelidonichthys kumu) [...]


Ever since Scott sent our testers a couple of rods from their new Scott Sector range, we’ve been gagging for a verdict from their long-term test. After all, the Scott Sector has retired the legendary Scott Meridian. Both of our salty guinea pigs, Fred Davis and Peter Coetzee, are unabashed long-term Scott fans,. But, they’re [...]


From his home in Kenya, to Nigeria, the Central African Republic and everywhere in between, Ed Ghaui of Goliath Expeditions seems to live a life straight out of a Willard Price adventure book. In between scouting remote rivers and setting up camps in some of the most logistically challenging destinations on the planet, he took [...]


A haircut? A mindset? Or, a fish? If you visit the Rio Irigoyen, you’re pretty certain to be looking for sea trout but, if Neptune smiles upon you, there’s an outside chance you might catch this beauty, the róbalo AKA Falklands mullet. Tom Clinton,* store manager of Farlows in London, encountered these fish recently. In [...]


IT'S NO SECRET that we’re fans of the guys over at Podsol Fly Fishing (, a motley crew of film-making fly fishing creatives, consisting of filmmaker/musician Rolf Nylinder (our main profile in issue 11), jazz musician Håvard Stubø (aka, Jazz and Fly Fishing), Kristian Mattson (aka the musician ‘The Tallest Man on Earth’) and Markus [...]