FROM THE ARCHIVES - our first profile from issue 1 of The Mission. Keith Rose-Innes is that guy. The guy catching the fish you dream about. The guy who travels to the places you would give a nut to visit if only there was a market for such things (your nut). The guy you thought [...]


When Frontier Fly Fishing brought out a bunch of new rods from their in-house brand Horizon, we stuck our hands up to conduct some long-term reviews. There was definitely an element of nostalgia behind such a magnanimous display of selfless volunteerism. Many of us still have or have had Horizons. It’s been around a while [...]


A story by Leonard Flemming from issue 20 about a private yellowfish conservation plan “One day when I’m big I want to be a nature conservationist.” That was my stock standard answer in primary school whenever new teachers posed the time-tested ice breaker question to calm a class full of ankle-biters and win their hearts. [...]


ABOUT where Andrew Apsey of Upstream Flyfishing guides. 5 best things about where you guide? 
 The people you meet on the water. Cape Town is a great tourist destination and I have had the pleasure to guide clients from the United States, Europe, Australia and South Africa. They each have their own story to [...]


Channeling a beloved ‘90s metal album, Tudor Caradoc-Davies visits Jurassic Lake Lodge in Patagonia and loses his mind. "I think about Faith No More’s 1995 album King for a Day… Fool for a Lifetime, a lot. I only became acquainted with it in 2003 when I spent a year in Germany washing dishes, playing rugby [...]


South Africa’s most celebrated fly fishing author, Tom Sutcliffe, on the ability to create an imagined reality out of words. In short, living your fly-fishing in print. To illustrate his point, he makes a selection of the best fly fishing books ever written. “If modern anglers aren't reading angling they're missing out on one of fishing's [...]


It’s not just us desk-bound schlubs who have dream fish. Even those who live in fishy paradise have bucket list fish they want to tick off. On Christmas Eve, Santa came to visit the Outer Islands of the Seychelles and he paid a visit to guide Cameron Musgrave on Cosmoledo. "I have had a guiding [...]


THE BEATS – BRIAN CHAKANYUKA Alphonse Fishing Co’s media producer Brian Chakanyuka spends a lot of time out on the flats of the Seychelles Outer Islands making guests look good. “Drop your chin, Yevgeny! No, the other one.” "Brian steps from behind the lens and takes the rod. The Flats Smurf points out a [...]