I was on my second hosted tigerfish fly fishing trip to the Okavango Delta armed not only with the usual clouser minnows but also with some new ideas incorporating rabbit zonker strips. Staying at the lodge was a well known South African guide with two clients from Europe. In the morning as we were heading [...]


Back in 2008 I had the opportunity to do a recce float trip down the Rio Olifantes - the Olifants River in Mozambique. This is a dig through those archives: “Bull…” Johan Klopper breathed the word more than mouthed it, as he ground the Landy to a hasty halt. About 100 metres up ahead, a [...]


The mighty Zambezi River, specifically the Batoka Gorge below Victoria Falls is under threat from a hydro-electric power scheme. Aside from the Falls being one of the seven wonders of the natural world, the gorge below them is an area that attracts thousands of visitors each year for the white water rafting, the rare bird [...]

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This is a basic zonker streamer that I tied to catch some of our larger freshwater predatory fish. The colour combo is based on other effective streamers, especially tigerfish streamers, used across Africa (I took a page from Malcolm Meintjes' zonker tiger flies as displayed in the FOSAF Favoured Flies series). I’ve only been fishing [...]


This feature is an extension from the previous post about a trip to the Deka Drum area in Zambia. Tips about the flies we used to catch numerous fish species and the things we did for fun in between the fishing is described. Five flies worked particularly well for all the fish species we targeted in [...]

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Deka at 10 mm

Photo essay of a fly camp to the Zambezi Deka Drum above Lake Kariba (all photographs by Leonard Flemming, unless credited otherwise) (This is the first of a series of articles that will describe my experience in the Deka area) Well-travelled African fishing and hunting explorers, Alex Jordaan and Russell De La Harpe (from Zambia and [...]

Tiger Hunt – by Thomas Andrews

Text by Thomas Andrews (photos by Thomas Andrews and Tourette Fishing) I’ve been fascinated by African tigerfish for most of my angling life, even though I live half a world away in Australia. I don’t remember where I first learned about them, but it was many years ago and once I’d discovered them I wanted to [...]

The Victoria Nile

Uganda... Where do I begin? An incredible country of colourful markets, genuinely happy people and shit roads. Our expedition up the Rwenzoris was successful. We'd summited Africa's third highest peak, spent some time cruising Queen Elizabeth National Park in our Toyota Hi-Ace, now nicknamed The Green Jacuzzi - I'm still not sure how it came [...]

Hippo charge

This is a short movie clip of a male hippo charging a boat on the Chobe River in Botswana - note how fast this animal is moving under the water. I've experienced a similar scenario while drifting down a river in southern central Africa. The difference between this movie clip and my experience is that the hippo actually got [...]

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