Forgotten Rivers of the Tribal Lands

Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape have plenty of fantastic river fishing which remains almost completely unknown to most fly fishers.  I consider these streams the hidden jewels of trout fishing in this country. My father grew up fishing many of these streams when he was at school and university. He often spoke of the [...]

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Winkling Trout from a Stream so Small

Delighted to break my run of blank days. Winkling trout is a phrase that Andrew and I came up with today while exploring a new stream in the Transkei. What does it mean? Well imagine fishing a stream so small that you can cross it pretty much anywhere without getting your feet wet. [...]

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Rex Fey has been at it again. He recently acquired for himself a TenkaraUSA rod. He took it out on 'A Stream Called Nowhere' recently was very happy with results. He didn't find any of the big fish that Ryan and I got into last summer but a few of a pound tested him well [...]

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A Stream called Nowhere

Post Lesotho, Ryan and I had a day to kill before heading home to the Cape. I was Knysna bound, via an Eastern Cape farm wedding - which was an absolute jol - and Ryan was catching a bus from East London to a very happy wife and daughter in Cape Town. As mentioned in [...]

Transkei Trip Report

Just the moderate climate in the Transkei makes a wintertime trip from the Cape worthwhile! We arrived at the boathouse to a stunning afternoon - no wind, blue skies and a flat sea. We grabbed the dropshot rods and headed to sea. I lost a tank in the first few minutes when I got smoked [...]

Transkei Trout

My father grew up in the Transkei. My grandfather was part of the initial stocking of many of the rivers in the Mount Fletcher region, including the Tina, Tsitsa and Luzi. The rivers of the upper regions of the Transkei were all stocked with trout. Now I realise that trout are not immediately associated with [...]

Transkei Fun – River Perch on Fly

Just got back from a few days at Umbotyi on the Pondoland coast. We managed to get some time in on a couple of the smaller rivers to chase Nkula Nkula (Lutjanus argentimaculatus) and River Perch (Acanthopagrus berda). We didn't get any Nkula Nkula but we get get a few Perch. Perch, or River Bream, are [...]