A few months back, Cameron Cushman won our Swift Fly Fishing Epic rod give away, which saw him receive 'The Motivational Carrot,' a pimped 476 Packlight Fastglass 5-piece smuggler rod.   While stoked for him, we had no idea who he was and what he could do behind a camera. Since then, he's gone [...]

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*** EDIT  - Since writing the below, I took my own advice and spent even MORE time on tying a pair of BEASTS, attempting to build a matching pair of BEAST Mullets... I kinda almost sorta maybe think I'm nearly there and may attempt an SBS of sorts in the near future.. added some pics [...]

The Trout of Wind River Canyon

Photo essay by Jim Klug ( While Wyoming's Wind River country rivers are by no means new or undiscovered, what is new is that long-time guide and outfitter Darren Calhoun has opened a lodge on the banks of the Wind River in the middle of the Canyon (a place we feel is the most exciting [...]

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