The Harley Shakes is a fly created by Stuart Hartley, a guide for Tourettes Fishing, designed specifically for the Tiger Fish (Hydrocynus Tanzaniae) of the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers in Tanzania. It's a surface fly that is very productive and a favourite for these rivers. You can see the fly in action in The African [...]


With Peter's recent post on how much he hates me and the BEAST Fleyes I've been obsessively tying over the last 18 months, I thought maybe its worth putting together a little video clip of just why these flies create the obsession in so many of us as soon as you start tying them... Not [...]


One of the many benefits of fly tying groups, whether they are loose collectives like our Whippet Wednesday crowd, or Whatsapp Groups, get togethers like the CPS Vice Squad Meetings,or FB groups even is the shit ton of new stuff you get to learn. Some of it deals with new patterns, new materials, new techniques, [...]


Richard White of Black Rock Productions was good enough to share this epic little showreel of a mission they recently did into Lesotho... "Scotty (@cartel_flyfishing) did some digging into rivers that should hold fish in them, then found the tributaries of those rivers which eventually led to the river we hiked into. Loaded with printed out [...]