Three sheets is the story of an exploratory trip undertaken by a small Simms sponsored crew into the Belizian outback during lock down. Something I spent a lot of lockdown time day-dreaming about while staring out window wondering if the world would ever be ok again. I really enjoyed it and you can feel the [...]


Plans for a lazy Sunday? We highly recommend watching Tribal Waters, the new fly fishing film from Patagonia. What's it about? Short answer = The Wind River, the people who live along it (the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Tribes who live in the 2.3 million-acre Wind River Indian Reservation which has some of the [...]


"In front of me, I had a rare week of fishing in the mountains. No kids, no work to be done. I was just going to be a fly fisher." That line from early on in Rolf Nylinder's new 48 minute film, 'Subtitles', really resonated with us and that was before we even got into [...]


Okavango fly fishing: Amid lockdowns we took the gap and joined Natural Selection on their houseboat in the Okavango Panhandle to fish for tigerfish on the barbel run and remember what it's like to make new travel memories. Shot by Platon Trakoshis and with a soundtrack by the incredible Felix Laband, Housebound is the story [...]


We've been following Simon (Si) Kay's journey over the last few years and have watched as his filmmaking skills have developed. He left a corporate job as a Forex trader and had embarked on a trip around Southern Africa with his partner and child (the goal being to fly fish and film along the way), [...]


It's been a fun couple of months and one of the highlights was a mission we made to the Orange River where we teamed up with Jeep Apparel, makers of gritty outdoor/urban clobber, who have come out with a new range of clothing that they wanted to test in the field on us. That was [...]


Got nine minutes to spare? We suggest you lose yourself in the lowland rainforests of Costa Rica while watching Machaca - A Botanical Tale featuring the Tropical Fly Collective (Tom Enderlin and Federico Hampl) chasing their quarry, the Machaca. Our Wish List Fish in issue 20, while these aggressive piranha cousins look have the teeth [...]


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