Here is a little carp home movie I recently made - special thanks to Andre van Wyk and Tudor Caradoc-Davies for their contribution with camera work. The theme of the movie is 'Carp Giant' because they are not celebrated as much as they should be in the fly fishing scene - carp are in fact [...]

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Matt Gorlei and Nick van Rensburg are the two charnas behind Flybru (the fishing/filming student crew out of Stellenbosch University and the gents behind our cover shoot video). They were both at Stellies last year, until wonder of wonders Matt passed his exams and buggered off to South America to guide on the Rio Grande [...]

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A short film by Andrew Harding about trout fishing in a shallow North Island lake. In his words: "Nestled on a high plateau in the central North Island of New Zealand, this small, shallow lake offers up so many moods in an amazingly barren, but beautiful surround under the shadow of an active volcano. The fish [...]

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Jono Shales from Exmouth Fly Fishing is known for targeting free swimming black marlin on fly; in this clip he hooks up with a free swimming sailfish. For those who don't know these fish well, they are successfully targeted by teasing, but seldom react to a single plug or fly fished from a relatively stationary [...]

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There’s always another river, somewhere

Trawling the Net in an effort to dig up some gems for a commission on 'lesser known' hikes I unearthed this: "The valley section of the six-hour circular will see you criss-cross an unspoilt river system, characterised by deep pools." This, less than an hour from where I sit. What lives in those 'pools' - [...]

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Stream of Dreams – Sex Camp for Trout..

Above: Stream of Dreams silver slab... hope she's getting laid right now...  This cold and rainy winter weather has most of us down here in the Cape thankful that our beloved streams are getting some much needed water in them after an abysmal last 18 months..but it does mean, that we are not getting out [...]

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Fundamental fly tying DVD

Most of our readers will know Gordon van der Spuy by now - search 'Fundamental Fly Tying' on this site to see some of his articles that have featured so far. Gord is a proactive fly fisherman and he has just released a fly tying DVD. He strives to make better fly tiers out of all the [...]