Besides snowshoe making its regular appearance in fly posts on social media, we also spotted beautiful, buggy caddis flies tied with chamois hair on Instagram posts. Pierre Joubert from Stream and Sea managed to import some Swiss CDC chamois hair and while I’ve had limited time to play with it over the past two years, I tied a chamois RAB and a few caddis-type flies – it’s an alternative for deer hair, but it just looks so much buggier in dry flies. Chamois hair patterns combined with snowshoe/CDC/deer hair dubbing pop up like corks and the one’s I’ve tested on fishing outings worked really well for me:

Chamois and Coq De Leon RAB


My chamois wing caddis pattern that I’ve managed to test and it worked really well for me (stacked chamois tied over a wing of snowshoe and CDC, with deer hair dubbing as abdomen)


Alternative chamois sedge (with spun chamois hair and long fibers left pointing forwards for the antennae; deer hair dubbing for abdomen and two crystal flash strands in the wing)


Chamois hopper-caddis (this fly’s caught quite a few witvis rising to terrestrials)

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