changing the game on the game changer

changing the game on the game changer

Blane Chockletts Game Changer fly burst onto the scene last year, and then faded into obscurity.  Maybe its still used in the states a lot, but not here.   The main reason for this I suspect is the difficulty in tying.

I, like a lot of other people was told it was tied used Hareline Body Wrap.   So I ordered stacks of the stuff and then tried and tried and tried.  I couldn’t get the bloody thing right.  It came out looking like a Pinterist fail.  It also wouldn’t take to a marker, and came apart when tying.

So I went back to the video, and quickly spotted something.  That wasn’t hardline body wrap.  It was CCT fur.  I ordered stacks of that and BAM.  Its actually pretty easy to tie.  They don’t look great after a few sessions though, so you have to constantly brush it out.

They do look amazing in the water.  Better than almost any other fish fly Ive seen.  It also pushes a lot of water.  So I wanted to make one for Kob missions.  To invert it I tied in a section of 50lb mono and used tungsten beads.  You should see this thing in the water.  Its almost better on the drop than the pull.

I tie the back section on a small stainless hook and then cut the shank off. Those are two sets of feathers.  There are two sections complete in this pic.
third section before trimming
rough trim
wrapping the last tail section before being tied on the main hook
mono tied in and final wrap



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