Chasing Silver

Chasing Silver

Yes, it is a little cheesy but its my first attempt at proper video editing and the cheese seems to slide in automatically.

This is a little highlights package from a great day on the flats of Praslin Island – it illustrates quite clearly how good the fishing can get on the Inner Islands!



6 thoughts on “Chasing Silver”

  1. Hi Guys
    I see you have a TiCrX 8 wt , am looking at this rod also. Would a Rio Clouser and Rio Bonefish in similar weights be good matches for this rod ? Any other suggestions ?

  2. Hi Alan. Thanks for reply and we are glad you are enjoying the site. Before I give you an opinion re the lines, let me first ask what sort of fishing are you planning on doing? Species, where, etc?

  3. Hi Fred,most of my fishing here in Scotland is focused on Salmon and Seatrout so the TiCrX is really a tropical saltwater stick that I’ll only use on vacation wherever that may be. Coincidentally I’m going to be on Praslin in September so that is the first use that the rod will see. It is not a fishing holiday but i plan to have a day or two with Cosaire on one of their small skiffs and fish some of the beaches and rocks on my own. I’m staying up at Lemuria, is it worth fishing up there ?

  4. Hi Fred,being based in Scotland I’ve not much call for tropical gear ,Salmo Salar has different demands !
    The TiCrX is a vacation rod for warm climes wherever that maybe. Coincidentally it will be used for the first time on Praslin as I am vacationing there in September. It is not a fishing holiday but I do intend having a couple of days on a small skiff and doing some exploring on my own. I’m staying at Lemuria and will spend a bit of time fishing around there but I’m not so sure it is the best of locations for this. Other than being use on Praslin I’ll find a use for the set up in the Carribean.

  5. Alan. I used to live on Praslin so drop me a mail at fjdavis1 at gmail dot com and I’ll send you some info on the island and Corsaire.

    As for lines, the Bonefish has slightly longer head than the Clouser (or Bonefish Quickshooter) which means you can make longer, accurate casts more easily. The shorter head means quicker loading and allows the fisherman to present bigger flies quickly, and deal with wind more effectively.

    The Clouser is probably a better all round line (although I fish a Bonefish #8 on my x2s #7) as it will allow for a greater range of fly sizes and assist your casting in adverse conditions.

    My suggestion would be to see if you can’t test both lines on the TiCrX and get a feel for them. Sometimes your casting style will determine which line is best!


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