I usually have more than one reel to clean when im coming back from a trip, and although the line winder can take two lots of backing, thats usually not enough and I hate the dance of moving things on and off.  The perforations do make it great for cleaning fly reel backing.  In my experience, salt in fly reel backing is one of the main causes of messed up reels, and it’s critical you strip and soak your backing after the tropics.

During one trip down the pool aisle in builders warehouse I spotted these yellow leaf trap things that looked a lot like the line winder tool and figured I could make one into a line winder.  I did and they work beautifully.  Here is a simple Step-by-step.  Its a bit of work but makes cleaning lots of reels at once way easier.

Soon to be backing holders and smart spooler (top)
Soon to be backing holders and smart spooler (top)
Heat up a stanley knife and then cut through. The thermoplastic is quite soft and it doesnt take much presure to get through
cleaning up any ridges or parts that are sharp to the touch next.
Find the centre and drill through using an 8mm drill bit. An M8 nut and bolt (with spring washer) will hold it tight and create a post for using a drill. 8mm is also the right size for a line recycler tool
On the line recycler – I then sand main parts first.
Next with a jet lighter, run over the edges while rotating slowly. Can be done by hand, line recycler helps.
Be careful to not heat a spot for too long.
Done and loaded with backing. Top edge sanded and heated smooth too.

See line winder tool and recycler in user here:

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