Colombia: Trucha in the hills

Colombia: Trucha in the hills

They were small but I found them! A stunning stream that reminded a lot of a Cape Stream, although the massive wax palms in the background did make it rather unique. The Rio Quindio runs high, cold and strong from high in the Colombiam los Nevados National Park.

Their is a small local fishing community who use bamboo rods and bass worms to catch the ‘trucha’. A bit like Tenkara lure fishing!

The trout, although small, where fat and well conditioned.

I’ve organised some fishing about 15km downstream for tomorrow – I’m convinced I’ll find larger fish where the ‘Rio’ is wider and deeper and look forward to exploring some new water.


5 thoughts on “Colombia: Trucha in the hills”

  1. Looks stunning, Fred! Hope you find some bigger fish so you can stop fiddling the juveniles…. Ha ha!
    I’m going up to Exmouth again in November… Can’t wait!

  2. I’m in Salento now and curious if you ended up finding a spot with larger trout. Im going to do some exploring of the rivers tomorrow.

  3. Hi Cory. Sorry, be out of comms for awhile. Did you find any bigger fish. There were rumours floating around about a river to the north with bigger fish. But didn’t have time to have a look. Fred


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