Darkest African Tarpon

Darkest African Tarpon


Jako Lucas of Flycastaway dropped this on Pete and my fb walls.

So this was filmed back in 2009, the fisherman who finishes heartbroken is Gerhard Laubscher of Flycastaway on an exploratory mission.  See the below comment string from facebook – Gerhard’s comment pretty much sums it up!

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 0858

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  1. Truly remarkable! I remember staring for hours at a mounted specimen of an oxeye tarpon in the Natural History Museum when I was a kid – before all the rivers became choked with sand, they swam up the Sabi and Lundi rivers all the way from the Indian Ocean – I fished for them like crazy in 1985 – had to settle for tigerfish and Oreochromis placidus instead. Amazing memories thanks to my awesome folks. So stoked to see giant tarpon off West Africa, thanks for sharing!


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