Photo c/o Toby Burrell

We found Toby Burrell’s blog on fishing for Ion(ic) sea trout in Iceland.  One of the Frontiers Travel guides, we met Toby at last year’s ICAST in Miami. From Iceland to the Rio Grande at Kau Tapen, the Maldives, Cuba – he gets around. Follow him on Instagram for more.


We took another look at Beyond the Horizon one of the standout entries into last year’s Fly Fishing Film Fest.



Then we took a look at the trailer for Thomas McGuane’s 92 in the Shade starring Peter Fonda, about a young guide trying to make it in the cutthroat world of the Florida Everglades. NY Times review on it here.

Best line – Fonda, “It’s a matter of who gets to fish and who gets to cut bait.”

We read about how walking (between fishable sections of water) helps us think (about how to catch tricky fish).
We enjoyed this little dive into fly fishing in Patagonia in the New York Times
We discovered that there’s a new species of all-female crayfish (new as in it never existed 25 years ago) that is capable of cloning itself. It’s currently taking over Europe. And yes, we believe that these will be our overlords in a few short years.
We got stuck into Sage’s new 2019 saltwater season media.
And lastly, we learnt that according to science, cheese goes better with hip hop. On that basis, we wager that science could also prove that chip rolls are improved by roadtrips and country.

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