THIS WEEK at The Mission:

We checked out this video by Aussie Fly Fisher Josh Hutchins chasing three trout species in Oz. Who knew they had Brookies?

We loved The Hidden, the latest from the guys at Blue Halo.

We enjoyed this clip of new ANC president (and soon to be South Africa’s president) Cyril Ramaphosa taking Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout fly fishing.

We read about how soldiers used to write to their loved ones using biscuits as paper.

We read about how the Arctic will never be frozen again, which means huge ramifications for ecosystems, national security and the global climate system.

We read this “Uncommon Clothes for Uncommon People – A Brief History of Patagonia” and raised our glasses to the brand’s decision to take on US President Donald Trump about public lands in the US.

We discovered what spies like to drink and then, poking our inner spy, we got stuck into this Drinking in the Day mix from Electric Adolescence.

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