Dorado Part 1: The Fail

Dorado Part 1: The Fail

The first two days of hunting the Dorado on my own was a bugger up. The Dorado is migratory fish and they hadn´t yet moved into the sections of the Rio Juromento that we fished. The further down the Juramento we went, the more disappointed I became as I fished stunning run and pool after each other with no success. We´d drive, find access and fish.

The area most recommended to fish is below the El Tunal dam. It was not my idea o happy fishing! It is strewn with litter and pollution. Empty reel spools, nylon, plastic packets and even graffiti coat the banks.

We met two local fly fisherman who had during their morning landed 4 fish between them. I´d had one swirl behind my fly all morning.

I was frustrated. It was time to move on.

We followed the dirt road down the Juramento, found some good-looking water and knocked on a farmer’s door. A very friendly Argentinian farmer assured me there were Dorado in the river. It most certainly looked good. Structure, big undercut banks and long glides.

I never got to find out whether there were in fact fish, my #7 split at the first ferrule mid-cast and it was the end of my big river fishing for Dorado.

Time for Plan B.

A few of the spots on the Tio Juromento above El Tunal Dam…


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