Dorado Part 2: Sweet Small Stream Success

Dorado Part 2: Sweet Small Stream Success

The broken rod turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I had done a fair bit of research on the Rio Dorado and Rio de Valle. It turned out that Rio Dorado is extremely difficult to access, requiring guides, boats and money. But I´d come across a way to access one of its tributaries. It had taken some interesting conversations which often consisted more of  wild gesticulating sign language than actual talking (mi español es una mierda), several hours bent over maps and many more trolling google for references.

I wasn´t actually even going to fish it – I´d decied to focus on the bigger Rio Juramento in order to maybe et a bus! It seemed like too much during our limited stay to try fish more than river.  But I was done with the big rivers and ready for something different. Bron insisted  that we go – I think my frutrasted mood was irritating her!

I must thank her.

We drove until we found the river and then we walked. Upstream. We were presented with stunning rock formations, beautiful pools, and the higher we got, the more fish we found.

My first Dorado was not big. But it was something I won´t forget in a hurry. The Dorado was cruising near the head of a pool it turned and ate the fly and followed up with a superb acrobatic account of itself.

Fishing a #5 on these smaller waters felt right but I did have to run after a few of the bigger fish.

My only wish was that I had several days to explore this river properly, but I had a bus to catch to the Ibera Marshlands for some more Dorado fishing.

It will rate as one of the most special fishing days I have ever had. I will be back.

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