El Muerto

El Muerto

On a recent trip to the Breede with MC Coetzer, Denton Ingham-Brown and Jannie Visser, we were met by really tough conditions. Lots of fresh water run-off after heavy rains.IMG_0827


We were chasing grunter and it was not going well. At dead low Jannie and I spotted a dead fish. It was a nice grunter and recently dead, no rigor mortis yet. We decided to do a bit of a photo session and planned to tell MC and Denton that the fish were thick and Jannie got onlu the one after countless shots at tailing fish. It obviously worked. MC was pissed with not getting  agrunter himself and Denton was furious because we killed a fish (tasted great by the way)


Eventually we told the truth and had a good laugh.

Jannie and I had a good practice session in wich we could take our time and try different angles, some luxury one do not have every day. I like the shot with the bird in the background. Amazing how dead the fish looks!


Not long after that, also very early season, I was on the same flat with Jannie. He spotted a single cruiser, and pinned it on the second cast. Epic work, fish released!


IMG_1232Amzing how the eyes of a live fish differ from taht of a dead one.

This fish eventually made it onto the cover of the Complete Fly Fisherman magazine. Well done Jannie!

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