Elandspad 2 Report

Elandspad 2 Report

Spent a very pleasant morning on EP2 this last Saturday. The fish were around but reminded us very early that no shoddy casts or slack presentations would be tolerated.

The overcast weather made for a lovely morning that didn’t get too hot too quickly kept the fish moving well into the afternoon. But it also seemed to keep the terrestrials off the water for most of the day. And, as it is this time of year, lengthened leaders with a 8x tippets attached to small caddis fly imitations worked best.

Clear. slow water under an overcast sky.
Clear. slow water under an overcast sky.
015 - elandspad_beat_2_trout_western_cape_fly_fishing
Never be shy to use the foliage to your advantage… Here Thomas twits a dry from an overhanging branch. This often gives the natural appearance of a terrestrial falling from a tree!
Aim, fire and ...
Ready, Aim, Fire!

Our rivers really do provide some of the most technically demanding trout fishing out there. I’m always interested by the opinions of the guys who haven’t fished the Cape Streams this time year before – inevitably the the verdict is that is tough and the fish do not give themselves for anything but the best!

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