EP 3 Report

EP 3 Report

Beat 3 of Elandspad is one of my favourites. We had a fantastic start to the day. No wind, fish moving and clear sky.

IMG_2807 IMG_2808 IMG_2822

As always, this time of year on any Cape Stream shows up all your casting weaknesses and helps you realise the ABSOLUTE importance of presentation. Fish were caught all day on a variety of dries, from little emergers, to RABs and hoppers. There were a few refusals but mostly when the cast was good, the fish came up.

A few, including a real bus for the EP, were missed thanks early strikes, but even this was remedied as the day went on!

It was great to note the cool water all day and a continued fish movement well into the afternoon heat – the nights are obviously cooling and the last couple of months of season may still get really good.

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