Leonard Flemming gets to grips with Epic’s 590C Nano-tech 5-weight.

When you visit Epic’s website it is clear from their reference series fly rod introduction that they aim to produce blanks that are more supple with a great casting feel to them. The first Epic rods that I saw were beautiful glass rods that were sent to Andre van Wyk, which he used to skillfully catch Berg River carp with. Those glass rods really did look “smooth like butter, sweet like honey” in Dre’s hands and even though I had no interest in fishing fiberglass fly rods at the time, that initial exposure certainly got me thinking. But beyond these supple glass rods, Epic also introduced several carbon fiber rods, which they describe as lighter (by using silica-nano technology – low resin materials) and hence perfect technical casting rods.

Oodles of noodles: Andre van Wyk with a beautiful Berg River carp that he landed on an Epic fiberglass rod.

This is exactly what we experienced with the Epic 590C that was sent to The Mission for testing during the Makhangoa Community Camp Flyathlon; a slightly softer rod (described to have a medium/fast action) with a 100% carbon helical core that makes it a breeze to cast when there is no or very little wind.

I personally felt that it was a very forgiving rod, almost correcting a poor cast and also giving delicate presentations, the type of casting tool you require to target skittish fish with in calm conditions when fishing slightly larger rivers. Derek Smith’s finishing touches added an extra edge to this beautiful matt blank for me. Michelle, my wife, got attached to the rod quickly and enjoyed landing several Lesotho rainbows on it, as well as smallmouth yellowfish in the Orange River en route.

Epic's 590C Nano-tech 5-weight

The Epic 590C Nano-Tech 5 wt is perfect for covering pools on medium to slightly larger rivers, such as the Bokong River, in calm conditions (i.e., no wind or a light breeze).

Epic's 590C Nano-tech 5-weight

Inside! Michelle hooking into a feisty little Bokong River rainbow trout with the Epic 590C Nano-Tech 5 wt

Epic's 590C Nano-tech 5-weight

A pretty Bokong River rainbow that could not resist a classic gold-ribbed hare’s ear nymph tossed out into a glide with the Epic 590C Nano-Tech 5 wt.

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