Field Testing A Bastard

Field Testing A Bastard

Flatheads…They’re pretty mean fish.
They break hooks and make a trip expensive before you know it.
Jigs and flies don’t come cheap these days.

After mulling around on what fly to use, I settled for something a bit traditional, only I bastardized it.

This fly is nothing but a Mickey Finn, only with an epoxied body, ribbed with pearl material instead of gold tinsel, the head is built up thread. Bucktail for the wing and tied on a 90º jig hook.

Will post results of the trip later.

3 thoughts on “Field Testing A Bastard”

  1. I see where it gets its name. We occasionally hook our flatheads on a fly here in Texas. It is a large freshwater catfish.

    Really nice fly I think I will tie up a few for redfish and speckled trout on the Gulf coast here. I found the same hooks day before yesterday and was trying to figure out what to tie with them. Thanks


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