In the Shadow of Mt Kenya

In the Shadow of Mt Kenya

Rex Fey, as he promised, has been sending me a myriad of photos concerning our spotty pescatorial pursuits.

This batch is from East Africa – an area that I’ve heard humours of for as long as I have been flyfishing. Originally stocked during the colonial years – the Brits threw trout in ever piece of water from NZ to India and Ethiopia to Argentina – and has been kept up on certain still waters by the local tea farmers. Rex has a few friends who farm in the Mt Kenya region and, by all accounts, this area boasts some serious still water and river fishing.

It’s been a couple of years since his last trip but by the sounds of things, if you’re willing to get stuck in the mud or strap a pack to your back you can find some exceptional fishing in the high altitude lakes and rivers.

These some serious day dreaming catalysts below. Enjoy…

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