Summer fishing season (in South Africa) is in full swing, which means we’re spending plenty of time on the couch, recovering achy shoulders and knees. Sit back, cold one in hand, and enjoy our favourite YouTubers and film makers from around the world. We’ve put together a round-up of recent short fly fishing films that you ought to sit down and binge. Enjoy!

Also, check out The Mission’s YouTube channel for African fly fishing videos, step-by-step tutorials, and more!

Malagarasi Exploratory Trip – Xplorer Fly Fishing

The Xplorer team embarked on an exciting journey, venturing into a recently discovered stretch of river in the western region of Tanzania. Their mission: to pursue Tanzanian Tigers on the fly. A film by South African, Matt Gorlei. #LocalIsLekker

5.0 Coyote Jig Streamer – Fly Fish Food

A double beaded jig streamer tutorial, ideal for fishing deep holes. This one is a depth charger designed with simple materials that can be wrapped on the hook (i.e. no dubbing required…)

School Of Fish – Orvis

An intimate portrait inside one family’s seasonal salmon rituals and their connection to the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy.

Fly Fishing For Halibut In Sørøya – Vision Fly Fishing

Niklaus Bauer and Paolo Pacchiarini experienced an unreal week-long adventure exploring the fly fishing for big halibut at Camp Halibut in Sørøya Northern Norway. Oof that’s a big-un

TAIMEN – The World’s Largest Salmonid

The apex predator of its ecosystem, this massive fish has been known to reach up to 6ft in length and over 100 lbs. In issue 08, guide James Topham has his own tale in tell in Outer Mongolia & Inner Peace.

A Winter Grayling Masterclass – Fulling Mill Fly Fishing

In this (Northern Hemisphere) winter grayling masterclass, Fulling Mill Signature Tyer Howard Croston fishes the Welsh Dee and talks us through all of the essentials for fly fishing for grayling in the winter.

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