We’re on the cusp of summer in the Southern hemisphere, with days of plenty ahead of us yet. As you prep your clobber for long days on flats, stillwaters or rivers, use these films as inspiration for the coming mayhem. Enjoy!

Yellow Dog Flyfishing conquers Greenland. If you’re into backcountry adventure fishing for Arctic char, this should definitely be on your radar.

This is Africa Outdoors are in the Zimbabwean wilderness, catching big Tilapia on fly. “This morning we got hit by a hippo” is one of the more dramatic openers to a fly fishing video…

Dagur Guðmundsson chasing “the king of sport fish”, and his favourite species on fly, the golden ghosts (carp, bru).

Sette Cama, the wild and world-class fishery on Africa’s west coast, hosted by African Waters through the eyes of Gabriel Botha.

Fishing for tarpon on paddle boards deep in the Mexican jungle, Dorsal Outdoors capture some insane acrobatic poon on film.

The Fly Shop and Mike Mercer go looking for McCloud River rainbows, descendants of what’s thought to be the original rainbow trout stock that was shipped all over the world.

Fulling Mill features the Rockerka tutorial, Luboš Roza’s step-by-step of a world championship winning dry fly.

Fly Fish Food: A step-by-step fly tying video on the “extra-terrestrial” Galactic Ant. Looks like it could give a Balbyter a run for its money.

Trout Hunting NZ’s Gareth Bayliss has dominated the GoPro chesty POV scene, and is one to keep on a watch list, especially as the New Zealand season opens.

Fly Fisherman magazine in Rio Dorado, which features Argentine anglers exploring the Yungas forests for “Golden” Dorado.

For more videos on fly fishing, fly tying and the rest, check out The Mission’s YouTube channel.

We also have a free magazine. Ciao!

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