As promised, here is a detailed step-by-step fly tying post on the Nuclear Hare’s Ear (a great fly for bass and trout, and yellowfish):

1) I like to use natural rabbit fur for the tail of this fly; this is red rock rabbit fur from roadkill that I picked up on a climbing trip to the Cederberg.
2) I’ve tried several types of hooks for larger fish and found that these Dohiku wet fly hooks don’t open up when fighting large carp, yellowfish or bass on 4x-3x tippet.


fly for bass and trout
3) Add a hot orange bead (or colour of your choice) to the hook and place it in the vice.


4) Trap a few of the rabbit hair with black Gordon Griffiths Sheer 14/0 on the bend of the hook.


5) Pick a natural/tan cdc feather with a medium-long shaft and strip one side clean (I prefer using a black cdc feather with darker grey dubbing).


6) Tie the cdc feather tip in just above the rabbit fur tail.


7) I randomly used this ‘Krystal Dub’ material for the body of the fly the first time I tied it and it worked really well.


8) Roll a thin, tapered dubbing noodle around the thread and wrap forward to form the abdomen of the nymph.


9) Tie in three to four peacock herl fibres at this point. These will form the wing case at the end of the tying steps.


10) Roll a slightly thicker dubbing noodle to form the thorax of the fly.


11) Palmer the cdc feather and tie off just behind the bead.


fly for bass and trout
12) Fold the peacock herl over the thorax and tie off.


fly for bass and trout


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