Friday Picdump – totally bosozuko

Friday Picdump – totally bosozuko

I’ve been obsessed with Japanese subcultures like Bosozoku.  I don’t know what it is about the land of the rising sun that births such bold statements in well… everything.   You’ve got to think that the gene that makes you feel self conscious is either hugely inflated, or completely missing.  This has trickled over and fused into some crazy places.

Possibly the most recognisable flavour of this fusion to the west is Nakai-san (Akira Nakai), who made his Rauh-Welt Porsches famous and accepted to the point of concourse in the most die hard of arenas.  These names are all statements by the way.  Bosozoku means “Wreckless Tribe”, Rauh-Welt, “Rough World”.  No language is sacred, no vehicle is either.  Somehow it works.  These guys all exist in some sort of twilight zone, with mannerisms (and smoking habits) of the Dean era.  They work out of dingy garages destroying and re-imagning inventions of the 90′ s(mainly), but in the most technologically advanced country in the world.  Its almost like a big fuck-you to the disposable rate of advancement of everything today.  And its awesome.





Stella Artois, yip, named after his favourite beer

Enter Yoshihiko Ando.  A wood carver and lure maker.  His creations usually make me laugh.  Recently he started doing fish carvings.  That laughter is now drool.

They say you need to look at Japan for a glimpse into the future, with regards to financial markets, property booms, etc.  So lets hope that the rest of the world sees a return to craftsmanship after the automation era.

22094_554980421198523_2021879421_n 310764_489068284481906_496165062_n 522334_421406191248116_1652895080_n 560525_537833452938722_2091822373_n 581293_423628204325976_1018027347_n 602851_540331062688961_873303683_n 734858_554980544531844_192183482_n 1002778_515310751857659_1513427282_n 1009906_510587748996626_410743432_n 1010545_509961039059297_1537620789_n 1044376_511677958887605_1980677157_n 1234215_538725686182832_789717534_n

5870_646689788692755_825003648_n 398000_554980451198520_1372529173_n-2 304156_554980364531862_433780504_n 27287_554980351198530_407332487_n 408393_554980337865198_882498124_n 427978_554980304531868_1278835747_n 530772_554980297865202_279912112_n 734408_554980274531871_1121944007_n 265041_554980254531873_1468470665_n 37098_554980231198542_99790945_n 263812_554980237865208_547842654_n 484892_554980214531877_1302169260_n 734663_554980161198549_1659689394_n 379620_554980154531883_743163016_n 379194_554980157865216_1089204149_n 537343_554980581198507_380992634_n 72904_554980567865175_1360096803_n 6354_554980561198509_2077423521_n 66422_554980511198514_34047687_n 398000_554980451198520_1372529173_n

and for those of you who would like to try it at home, heres a little step-by-step:

IMG_10350699795273 IMG_10360206783799 IMG_10380144436387 IMG_10389713863879 IMG_10400454678087 IMG_10411702938586 IMG_10421869839219 IMG_10427685635119 IMG_10436728054551 IMG_10460085171252 IMG_10479435238389 IMG_10488814938097 IMG_10496777554063 IMG_10502847439317 IMG_10509800777940 IMG_10525596035508 IMG_10537300533800 IMG_10546592251329 IMG_10563336239366 IMG_10570712917833 IMG_10577569881944 IMG_10592665096788 IMG_10599965725449 IMG_10607234005480 IMG_10613337643174 IMG_10620855862169 IMG_10636029659777 IMG_10643022244004 IMG_10653543545274 IMG_10662958767441 IMG_10673571072131 IMG_10688700771838 IMG_10697759609727 IMG_10704350460558 IMG_10708412502794 IMG_10714837856797 img-234 img-272

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