FrontSideFly Behind the Scenes

FrontSideFly Behind the Scenes

I really enjoy these guy’s work… This is a direct reblog from their blog, which can be found here! Go check out their work! It’s awesome!!!



When we went to the Laivabäcken river earlier this year I didn’t care that much to gather footage since Rolf had his new bad ass camera and ran around like a little lemming high on too much coffee shooting rises and flying insects. Rolf was suppose to make a series of episodes from the epic fishing we found during the summer but as you might have seen, the footage was unfortunately lost forever.

rolf fire side frontsidefly

Since we relayed on Rolf’s ability to gather footage we others didn’t put much effort into it. We just filmed some scenes but with no intention of making anything serious with it. Nevertheless, I had a quick look at the footage and realized it made no sense at all. However, when the footage make no sense at all one can always use the same old trick – find a happy song and put together a music video which makes no sense at all other than the fact that the song is really good, which makes the trick.


I decided to call it Meanwhile behind the scenes because it’s something in-between Meanwhile Upstream and Meanwhile downstream.

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Ulf at for the epic fishing.
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