Fundamental fly tying DVD

Fundamental fly tying DVD

Most of our readers will know Gordon van der Spuy by now – search ‘Fundamental Fly Tying’ on this site to see some of his articles that have featured so far. Gord is a proactive fly fisherman and he has just released a fly tying DVD. He strives to make better fly tiers out of all the South African fly fisherman he meets, but he is also trying to make tying simpler in general – the Jamie Oliver of fly tying. Here are two appetizers that he recently sent me of his DVD (change the settings to HD if the movies aren’t displaying clearly on your computer):

Stay tuned for a full Feathers and Fluoro review on the DVD…

2 thoughts on “Fundamental fly tying DVD”

  1. Very lekker.. spun up half a dozen of those Zonker minnows last night after watching Gordons vid… lovely pattern, and nice and quick and simple to tie…


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