A rapid-fire catchup with the big guy of Dullstroom, Mavungana Flyfishing’s Collen Tshabangu. As featured in The Mission Issue 04.

5 best things about Dullstroom

  1. No one can predict the weather.
  2. We can fish for trout all year round without any problems.
  3. We have access to properties with dams and a stretch of a river. It’s possible to fish both in one day.
  4. There’s less crime, that’s for sure. Dullstroom is very much safe.
  5. I get to meet different people from different parts of the world.

Collen Tshabangu

5 flies to pack in the smuggler kit under your driver’s seat for trout

  1. A black woolly bugger
  2. GRHE (gold-ribbed hair’s ear)
  3. PTNs (pheasant tail nymph) variations
  4. Damsel variations
  5. DDDs which can cover a lot of different insect life on the surface.

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5 fishing items you don’t leave home without before making a mission

  1. My amber lense Oakley sunglasses. They protect my eyes from flies, they give me a lot of confidence when fishing in low-light conditions and they make it easy to spot fish when I’m not blind casting.
  2. A hat. My head is getting bald now and a hat protects me from sunburn. A buff for covering my face – as I’m not a fan of sunscreens – and good clothing with UV protection will always work for me under the African sun.
  3. An Orvis mesh fly fishing vest. I’m always trout fishing so I need one to carry all the things I need. Trust me, I carry everything.
  4. I love the Airlfo 40 plus line. It’s an integrated shooting head that we use for reservoir fishing, more than 40 yards long. If I am guiding or doing a presentation for a corporate group and people aren’t paying attention, I can false cast twice and shoot the whole line plus two handfuls of backing. That usually gets their attention.
  5. A cellphone for emergencies and for taking pics – both for bragging on social networks and to show my family where I’ve been.

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