Hunting Mud

Hunting Mud

Team FlyBru seems to get more fishing done than most of us and while we sit behind office desks these guys get to witness mother nature’s best fishy scenes, like this one (words, filming and editing by Matt Gorlei):

“An untouched piece of the Orange River flowing through the Kalahari, that is about 500kms from the sea, is alive. The fish life is incredible, we see these fish thriving in their true natural habitat with minimal pollution and little to no human impact. Witnessing this was an incredible experience, a two hour feeding frenzy where packs of Catfish had pushed hundreds Mudfish up a small side channel, where they worked in cohesion herding the Mudfish into shoals that where the Muddies had to fight for survival. A truly special event to be able to film.”

1 thought on “Hunting Mud”

  1. Incredible, but is hunting the right verb?
    They remind me of whale sharks feeding on bait balls.
    “Get in my mouth”!


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